In 1998 the band was formed in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After coming back to Slovenia the Debut album Seven Days was released in 2005 by CPZ Rec. and immediately drew attention, Tide became a new rising rock group in Slovenia. They performed all the famous venues and festivals around the country and region, including Exit festival in Serbia in 2006 and 2010. Videos for “Release My Gun”, “Evolution” , Brain Damage, The urge, Adieu and RIot Act received heavy rotation on the regional MTV . Tide also landed a supporting gig for Iron Maiden and were nominated for MTV - New Sounds of Europe award iIn the summer of 2007, the 2nd album “Nothing to Lose” was recorded in Markant Recording Studios close to Eindhoven, the Netherlands. “Nothing to Lose” spawned the first radio hits for the band including “Waiting for the rain” which gave Tide more media exposure and the opportunity to perform even more.


In December 2008 after the conclusion of the Nothing to Lose tour they took a break and went to Amsterdam for nearly a year where the third album “Regeneration”.was recorded . Regeneration was an experimental more indie rock oriented album with 80's influences. and it's been released in October of 2009. The biggest single from the album was the song Adieu which gave the band two Slovenian golden brick awards, one of them for best Slovenian band.

After the Regeneration period the band was back in its classic hard rocking line up, back to its roots with the album No.4 which more like the first two albums put the band on the spot as one of the loudest rocking bands ever to come from Slovenia.. The first single Riot Act was a good opener as it clearly stated that the band still has plenty of ideas, energy and more importnatly, something to say.

The band has been known for its excellent live performance so don't miss out on a chance to see them live.